Develop mechanisms to improve the effectiveness and transparency of procedures related to the use of trade protection tools by Ukraine; ensure the participation of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in trade protection investigations against Ukrainian goods on the foreign markets

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Leading national institutions: 
Ministry for Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine
Sector and business assosiations (upon request)
Chamber of Commerce and Industry (upon request)
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  • Planned according to a road map
III quarter
Trade protection legislation has been adopted based on the results of Q2 of 2018
IV quarter
Institutional capacity and the effectiveness of procedures for the protection of the interests of Ukrainian producers in international markets have been assessed; an action plan has been developed for the improvement of these procedures
IV quarter
A system for the information and analytical decision-making support based on IT technologies and trade protection tools have been developed. The system includes a tool for calculations and shall provide the stakeholders with access to information about trade protection investigations as well as ensure information exchange with the investigating bodies
In progress